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Animal Rights Advocacy 

On Sunday, January 12th, a peaceful demonstration was held at the notorious "Dogpatch" located in South Tucson, where the atrocities against animals were described in last week's newsletter...

This poignant video was created by volunteer, supporter and friend, Verna Covington. 

Pictured are Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary's President & Founder Karen Pomroy and Tucson Police Department's Officer Michael Gonzalez, also an animal lover.  Not pictured is Officer SantaMaria, also of Tucson Police Department.  Together they were attentive and supportive, opening up an investigation into the death and dumping of the poor dog that had been found the prior week.  

This is just the beginning of a collaboration that will hopefully bring awareness and justice to the plight of the animals and people of Dogpatch.  

"Voices for the Voiceless" Anita Kantenwein, Jim & Tammy Lammers, Amanda Palko, Faith Chilton, Diane Russell, Joie Gunta, Karen Pomroy, Donna (of SPEAK Tucson), Faith Marek, Brady & Marlene Russell, Gary Vella (of SPEAK Tucson), Erika Limmer, Mary and Marilyn.  

Visit us on Facebook at for the full story leading up to this peaceful protest, as well as all of the updates! THANK YOU for all of your support! 


A Forever Home for Two 

Equine Voices Gentlemen!

Blaze & Little Deuce left Equine Voices today for their new adoptive home of Karen Winters-Schwartz, who recently moved to the Madera Canyon area of Green Valley, AZ from Central New York.  Karen made the difficult decision to re-home her 20-year-old mare prior to the move. Thankfully, Karen was able to find her a perfect home only a few miles from where she'd spent her entire life. "I miss her and look forward to giving a couple of horses their forever home!" says Karen.  

And those two lucky horses were mustang Blaze and quarter horse cross, Little Deuce! These handsome geldings are perfect for riding and exploring the trails of Madera Canyon. 

Thank you, Karen for opening your heart and your home to these fine gentlemen.  We appreciate you!

"This is our new home..." Blaze tells Little Deuce over the fence...

New mom Karen with Little Deuce...

Video of Little Deuce and Blaze arriving at their new forever home of Karen Winters-Schwartz!

To visit us and learn how YOU can provide a forever home to an Equine voices rescued horse or burro, please call 520.398.2814 or visit!


Speed Kills

To read the article that appeared in the Green Valley News & Sahuarita Sun on January 15th, please Copy & Paste this link in a new browser:


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