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Back In Stock!!

Our Gulliver face masks are back in stock!!

These one of a kind, 100% polyester (with two woven elastic loops for a comfortable fit) come in ten different fun colors and sport Gulliver, the Equine Voices mascot! These adorable face masks are washable and are designed for every day use! For only $20.00 + shipping you can sport one of our new Gulliver face masks! A small percent of the proceeds goes directly to benefit the horses of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. 


Click here to get these masks.

Sponsor Illusion!!!

Illusion is a beautiful dun mare with one blue eye.  She was found in the desert and rescued by Equine Voices in 2010. Since her arrival she now trusts people and enjoys the warm Arizona days with her best friend Chanel. Illusion suffers from some arthritis;  she is also battling a case of laminitis and wears special boots to protect her feet. Will you consider sponsoring Illusion for just $50 each month?

 To sponsor Illusion click here.

From all of us at Equine Voices, especially Illusion,

We Thank You!!

Sponsor Chanel!!

Chanel wandered onto a neighbor's property in Marana, Arizona.  Having several horses of her own, the neighbor called us to see if we could take Chanel.  We discovered Chanel had been bred year after year, and then her owner claimed she was "useless and no good". Chanel is one of hundreds of unwanted horses dumped in the Arizona desert each year. She and Illusion have bonded, and although at times Illusion lets her know who is the boss, they both love each others company and enjoy rolling in the sand on our warm summer days. Will you consider sponsoring Chanel for just $50 each month?

To sponsor Chanel click here.

Save The Date!!

Mark your calendars! 

Equine Voices Annual Fall Fundraiser will be held on November 15, 2020 from 11am-3pm 

at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa. 

Stay tuned for more details!

1. Call the Capitol Switchboard today to be directed to your Representative: 

(202) 225-3121. 

You can say:

"My name is [NAME] calling from [CITY] and I would like to request that Rep. [NAME] co-sponsor Amendment 6 to HB 7608. This amendment would dedicate funding to protect wild horses and burros, requiring the Bureau of Land Management to spend funds on humane fertility control. I also request that you contact the Rules Committee to ask them to advance the amendment to the floor by ruling it in order. Thank you."

2. Follow up the call with an email by clicking here.

Thank you for helping us with this urgent request. We'll keep you posted on the outcome!

-The AWHC Team

Shop Amazon & Save Horses!
 By shopping online at Amazon through our affiliate link, up to 10 percent of your purchases will go to the horses of Equine Voices. It's simple, quick and convenient. Click Here and find the Amazon Icon on the top of the homepage, then get shopping!

Gulliver Fan Club
If you love Gulliver and would like to support the horses at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, please join "Gulliver's Fan Club". For only $10/month, you can be part of helping Gulliver spread the word about the plight of the foals bred for the PMU industry.

Join The Gulliver Fan Club!

Sponsor a Horse!

Sponsoring a horse and receive a beautifully framed picture of the horse you've chosen and their story. For an annual sponsorship you will also receive a beautiful Cowboys Collectible horse hair key chain. Colors and styles may vary based on availability.
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