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Saving Horses Through Training!!

Having trained for close to 6 months at Mustang Camp in New Mexico and learning this specialized method of positive reinforcement, Veronica Moore has spent the last 2 and 1/2 months working with Archangel Michael and our nine Devils Garden Mustangs that came to us after a massive roundup of close to 1,000 wild horses. These nine horses arrived wild and full of fear until Veronica began working with them this past March. "It has taken resiliency and an incredible amount of patience to teach these horses how to trust humans. The biggest takeaway for me is that we can't get complacent or take anything for granted when working with these wild horses. We need to consistently show up every day with a positive attitude and an open mind and do our best." The only handling these horses had prior to arriving at Equine Voices was, after being captured and having their family groups separated, they were forced through chutes and kept in holding pens in a forceful and unkind manner. This was their first interaction with humans. With gentle kindness and consistency, it's obvious the horses can become avid partners and shed the feelings of fear they have toward their fellow human beings. Amari and Cherokee can be haltered, and as of yesterday walked in the chute in order to ready them for vaccines and trimming. Archangel Michael is picking up his feet. Milagro can be touched all over. Kenji, DeNovo and Braveheart will follow a hand target. Mago and Montana will now approach a human. Aurora will occasionally approach a human, which is a big step for her. As their time with Veronica will soon come to an end, the Devils Garden Horses have a new start and a fresh outlook of what a human and horse connection can truly be. All of us at Equine Voices, especially these amazing animals would like to give a big, beautiful thank you to Veronica for her dedication and commitment to our phenomenal Devils Garden Mustang Herd, and for giving them a second chance at a life that will be understood and valued.

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We would also like to wish Veronica a VERY Happy Birthday!

From all of us at Equine Voices!

Gulliver's Birthday!!

Don't forget to join us on June 23rd for a virtual celebration honoring Gulliver's 17th birthday. Join us while we join him on his birthday celebration by logging on to, or on our Facebook page at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. In the meantime you can help us celebrate Gulliver by: 

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Let us not forget those who have fought for our freedom and have served our country. Thank you to ALL of our solders and the equines that have lost their lives for our freedom.

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