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Fast Approaching: AZ Gives Day is April 2, 2019!

Be Our Valentine?! 

We know that Valentine's Day can sometimes be a day of dread for those singles among us so we put together a few ideas of how to spend the holiday having fun with your true love – your horse!

1. Go on a date.  Don’t worry, we don’t mean book a restaurant. Take your horse out to a fun show or try something new together, such as a great new trail ride. You’ll both have a great time and feel refreshed for the week ahead of you.  

2. Have a pamper day.  Show your horse just how much he means to you by giving him a full pamper session. Treat him to some new shampoo and smarten up that mane – he’ll be feeling truly appreciated in no time.

3. Have a cheat day.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to a few (well deserved) extra calories. Give your horse a special treat by giving him his favorite horsey snack and you can enjoy some leftovers afterwards. It’s a win-win situation. 

4. Double Date.  Why not meet up with some friends and all go for a ride together? You’ll enjoy the company as much as your horse will and it’s a good excuse for finally organizing a girls day out! You could even all attend a show together… 

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All of Us at Equine Voices Hope You Enjoyed a Happy Valentine's Day!

Advocacy Alert

It’s Time to Ban Horse Slaughter Once and for All

The horse slaughter industry is cruel, unnecessary and predatory, and each year that passes without a federal ban in place sees another 80,000 American horses shipped over our borders to be butchered for human consumption. Every single horse in this country, no matter how loved, is just one bad sale away from slaughter. The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 961) is federal legislation that would prevent the horse slaughter industry from reestablishing operations in the U.S. and prohibit the export of American horses abroad for slaughter.

To read on, please visit this link:

Sponsor a Devil's Garden Mustang!

My name is Aurora and I am one of the Devil's Garden wild mustangs who were rounded up in Northern California and rescued by Equine Voices. The name Aurora is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Aurora is the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. This name became very popular after Charles Perrault wrote the fairy tale, "The Sleeping Beauty."

Would you consider sponsoring me while I am here at the ranch? With your help, I am able to continue to live my best life ever! 

Please visit or call 520.398.2814 to find out how to sponsor Aurora or any one of our beloved equines!

Gulliver's Store Item of the Week! 10% Discount!

The featured item of the week is back at Gulliver's Store!  This week we are featuring a cozy and warm Gulliver's sweatshirt.  The sweatshirts come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, in addition to what is pictured.  The tie-dyed sweatshirt retails for $48. 

The Aztec-like graphic sweatshirt retails for $58.  Sweatshirt prices range from $45 to $58. While there is still a chill in the Arizona air, stop in to Gulliver's Store, Gulliver and Friend's Resale Boutique or our website at 

Enjoy a 10% discount as well!

Volunteer Spotlight

Every week Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary will feature our valued volunteers! It could be a picture, a poem, a story or a biography...whatever is submitted! So keep submitting material to and keep a lookout for you, our wonderful volunteers! 

This week we feature a veteran volunteer, Joie Giunta. Pictured with Joie is her best equine buddy, Chip.  Chip is our oldest member of the herd at 43 years young! At 8 years of volunteer service, Joie is one of our most valuable members of the Equine Voices team.  When morning chores are done, Joie grabs her man Chip and together they enjoy a leisurely stroll around the property. 
Thank you, Joie for all that you do for the Equine Voices family! We appreciate you!

Gulliver & Friends Needs Donations

If you have any items you would like to donate, please contact us!

Winter hours of operation at Gulliver & Friends Resale Boutique are Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

All proceeds benefit the horses at Equine Voices!

Shop Amazon & Save Horses!
By shopping online at Amazon through our affiliate link, up to 10 percent of your purchases will go to the horses of Equine Voices. It's simple, quick and convenient. Click Here and find the Amazon Icon on the top of the homepage, then get shopping!

Gulliver Fan Club
If you love Gulliver and would like to support the horses at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, please join "Gulliver's Fan Club". For only $10/month, you can be part of helping Gulliver spread the word about the plight of the foals bred for the PMU industry.
Join The Gulliver Fan Club!

Sponsor a Horse!

Sponsor a horse and receive a beautifully framed picture of the horse you've chosen and their story. For an annual sponsorship you will also receive a beautiful Cowboys Collectible horse hair key chain. Colors and styles may vary based on availability.
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